Can We Use Slipper Chair in Living Room? A Modern Approach to Traditional Seating

When it comes to designing living spaces, the choice of furniture pieces plays a significant role in setting the vibe of the area. One piece of furniture that’s often overlooked is the slipper chair, known for its armless design and neatly shaped; this classic piece is versatile and stylish. You might be asking, “Can we use slipper chair in living room?” The answer is a resounding yes! Let’s delve deeper into the charm of slipper chairs and how they can revamp your living room.

can we use slipper chair in living room
Can We Use Slipper Chair in Living Room?

What is a Slipper Chair? Understanding the Charm of a Slipper Chair

Origins and Design Style

The slipper chair, originally designed in the 18th Century, was a favorite among Victorian ladies. It’s armless shape and low-profile design allowed Victorian women with their voluminous skirts to sit comfortably. Noted American designer Billy Baldwin once stated, “Every room needs a touch of Billy Baldwin’s,” speaking volumes about the chair’s timeless charm.

The absence of arms makes the chair distinctive and enables it to fit into tight spaces or act as extra seating. Slipper chairs are a traditional design element with simple lines and a range of forms that allow them to blend into any style, from mid-century modern to contemporary.

Upholstery and Comfort Level

Slipper chairs are often fully upholstered, providing an abundance of comfort. From seat cushions to backrests, these chairs provide a comfortable seat. Whether you prefer a chair with tufting or a cozier, full-sized chair, there are slipper chair styles to meet your comfort level. The armless design doesn’t compromise on comfort; instead, it enhances versatility.

Decorating Ideas for Slipper Chairs

Pair of Chairs and Accent Pieces

A pair of slipper chairs can work wonders in your living room. When placed symmetrically, they lend a sense of balance to the room. A pair of chairs, especially when upholstered in a bright color or bold fabric, becomes an attractive accent piece.

They can also be combined with accent tables or a coffee table arrangement, tying the room together. Check this out for ideas on arranging your sofa and chair in your living room.

Versatile Pieces and Additional Seating Options

Slipper chairs are adaptable furniture items that go with any living room style. Their compact shape makes them ideal for extra seating without overwhelming the space. They can fit into corners or serve as additional seats around a central sofa or console table. These chairs can offer a splash of color or pattern to your home with their colorful upholstered, and eye-catching designs. Here is a helpful layout for placing an accent chair in your living area.

The Perfect Slipper Chair for Your Living Room

Size and Upholstery

When choosing a slipper chair for your living room, consider the chair size and upholstery. An oversized seat cushion can offer additional comfort, while tufted upholstery can lend a touch of sophistication. The upholstery can be chosen to match your existing style or add an accent color to your living room. You might prefer a classic slipper chair or something more modern, like a barrel-style accent chair.

Chair Personality and Placement

Each chair carries its own personality, defined by its design style and special flourishes. Consider the placement of your chair, whether it’ll be a stand-alone piece or part of a larger living room arrangement. Whether you prefer a chair closer to your sofa or a chair outdoors, the options are endless.

Revamping Your Living Room Arrangement with Slipper Chairs

Giving your living room a fresh look does not always require a major overhaul or extensive redecorating. Simply changing or rearranging the seating can breathe new life into your space. If you’re contemplating a shift in your living room arrangement, slipper chairs could be your secret weapon.

Recommended Slipper Chairs

If you’re ready to embrace the charm of slipper chairs, here are a few we recommend:

Christopher Knight Home Taylor Leather Slipper Chair, 2-Pcs Set, Chocolate Brown

Christopher Knight Home Darcy Leather Slipper Chair, Brown

Signature Design by Ashley Cimarosse Contemporary Tufted Accent Chair, Gray


So, can we use a slipper chair in the living room? Absolutely! They offer versatility, style, and comfort, making them the perfect addition to your home. Whether you’re updating your existing décor or starting from scratch, a slipper chair is a must-have piece of furniture that will bring elegance and comfort to your living space.


1. Is the slipper chair comfortable enough for daily use?

Absolutely! Despite its armless design, the slipper chair doesn’t compromise on comfort. Its fully upholstered design and plush cushions provide ample comfort for daily use.

2. Are slipper chairs only appropriate for living rooms?

Not at all. Slipper chairs are incredibly versatile and can be used in various spaces, including bedrooms for reading or even as an extra seat in your home office.

3. How to care for and maintain a slipper chair?

Maintenance depends on the upholstery material. For fabric upholstery, regular vacuuming can help maintain its look. For leather upholstery, a regular wipe-down with a damp cloth can keep it clean. Always check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to avoid damaging the material.