“7 Unmissable Steps on How to Accessorize a Grey Sectional Living Room Chair”

Has there ever been a moment when you’re comfortably settled into the plush cushions of your grey sectional living room chair yet can’t shake off an unsettling feeling? You find your gaze wandering across the stark white walls that seem too austere or perhaps the extra seating that doesn’t quite blend in with the rest of the room. It could even be the lingering question in your mind – just how exactly do you accessorize a gray sectional living room chair or Sofa to create a space that is not just stylish but reflective of your unique personality too?

Fret not because it’s all about choosing the right elements to complement your statement piece. Whether it’s the perfect accent pillows, a standout coffee table, or a gallery wall that speaks volumes about your style, each detail plays a pivotal role in transforming your living room. If you’re ready to take your grey sectional from simply being a piece of furniture to the star of your living room, here are the steps to take.

how to accessorize a grey sectional living room chair
How to Accessorize a Grey Sectional Living Room Chair?

A Step By Step Guide on How to Accessorize a Grey Sectional Living Room Chair

Step 1: Identifying the Aesthetic

Your living room should reflect your style; knowing your aesthetic is the first step in this journey.

Dive into Design Styles

Before you begin accessorizing, it’s essential to define the aesthetic of your living room. It could be midcentury or a more eclectic modern aesthetic where bold colors meet unique designs. The aesthetic will guide your choices, ensuring a cohesive look throughout your entire space.

Choose a Suitable Color Scheme

When choosing a color scheme, neutral tones work well to complement your gray sectional Sofa. You could opt for sage green walls or even white walls. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, consider a darker shade of gray for your wall color, which can create a high-contrast look against a lighter sofa.

Incorporate Accent Pieces

Accent pieces play a critical role in tying your aesthetic together. They serve as visual breaks and points of interest. For instance, a vibrant mustard yellow accent chair or pillows can create a visually striking contrast against the gray upholstery of your sectional Sofa.

Remember, your accent color doesn’t have to be limited to decor pieces. You could also learn where to put an accent chair in your living room for additional seating.

Step 2: Furnishing with Complementary Pieces

Once you’ve identified your aesthetic, it’s time to start choosing furniture pieces that will complement your grey sectional chair.

Providing Extra Seating

A living room should be welcoming and comfortable, and what better way to ensure this than by providing extra seating? You could opt for occasional chairs or 2 x two-seater sofas, depending on the amount of space available. Your additional seating pieces can match your gray Sofa, or they could take on an accent role in a contrasting color or material.

Choosing Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are more than just functional furniture pieces – they can also serve as a significant design element in your living room. Depending on your preferred style, a rustic wood coffee table or a metal coffee table can make a bold statement in your space.

If you’re going for a more modern or minimalistic look, you might prefer a glass or acrylic coffee table. These options can help to open up your visual space, giving the appearance of a bigger, more open living area.

Adding Versatile Pieces

Versatile pieces such as corner sofa beds or grey sofa beds can be a smart addition to your living room. Not only do they provide extra seating and sleeping space, but they can also be great space savers, particularly if you live in a smaller apartment or home.

Remember, each piece of furniture in your living room should work together to create a cohesive look and feel. This is where professional designers like Jessica Nelson Design and Burchard Design Co. can provide valuable inspiration. Be sure to browse through their designs for ideas on how to accessorize your grey sectional living room chair in a way that fits your unique aesthetic. Here’s how to make a living room chair more comfortable while maintaining style.

Step 3: Enhancing the Space with Soft Furnishings

Once you’ve chosen your furniture, it’s time to add in soft furnishings for that extra layer of comfort and style.

Playing with Pillows

The beauty of a gray sofa lies in its versatility – it can be paired with just about any color. Whether you choose white pillows for a clean, minimalist look or opt for bold-colored sofa cushions for a vibrant pop of color, you can easily switch up the look of your space by playing around with different pillows.

Accent pillows in brighter shades or featuring a bold pattern can add visual interest and depth to your gray Sofa. You can even use 3-4 different patterns for an eclectic mix.

Tying the Room Together with Throws

A buttery throw blanket can add a layer of texture and warmth to your space, making it all the more inviting. You could match your throw with your pillows for a cohesive look or go for contrasting colors for a more dynamic effect.

Step 4: Dressing Up Your Walls

Now that your furniture and soft furnishings are in place, it’s time to turn your attention to the walls.

Creating a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can transform an ordinary living room into an extraordinary one. Whether you choose one enormous chunk of art or a collection of smaller chunks, a gallery wall can create a captivating focal point in your room. You might choose to showcase pieces in shades of gray to match your Sofa, or you could opt for artwork in your chosen accent color for a vibrant splash of color. Either way, a gallery wall is a great way to show off your personal taste and style.

Adding Wall Accents

If you’re looking to add even more visual interest to your living room, consider wall accents. A white brick fireplace, for example, can become an impressive feature in an otherwise neutral room. It adds a rustic touch and serves as an excellent backdrop for displaying artwork or other decorative items.

Another option is a brick accent wall, which adds texture and architectural interest to your space. Even if you don’t have an actual brick wall, there are many ways to recreate this look with wallpaper or faux brick panels. With the right accents, your living space can effectively express your aesthetic and personal taste.

Step 5: Incorporating Practical Storage Solutions

Even the most beautifully decorated living rooms need practical solutions for storing day-to-day essentials.

Utilizing Built-In Storage

Built-in storage is a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution that keeps your space tidy while also contributing to the overall look of your living room. When shopping for pieces of furniture, look for options that offer additional storage.

Beds with storage or coffee tables with additional storage beneath are two excellent examples. This kind of dual-purpose furniture is not only practical but can also contribute to your room’s overall aesthetic.

Maximizing Space with Side Tables

Side tables not only offer more surfaces for decor but can also provide added storage. A black side table, for instance, can add a sleek, modern touch to your living room. Plus, with side tables that have drawers or shelves, you can store small items like remote controls, magazines, or coasters, keeping them within easy reach but out of sight.

Step 6: Setting the Mood with Lighting

Just as important as your furniture and decor is your choice of lighting, which can significantly affect the mood and feel of your space.

Creating a Warm Atmosphere with Ambient Lighting

The correct lighting can make your living area feel cozy and welcoming. A mix of floor and table lamps can help achieve this, allowing you to control the light levels in different parts of the room to suit different times of day and different activities.

Step 7: Adding the Final Touches

Now that you’ve got your main elements in place, it’s time to add those final touches that make the room truly your own.

Freshening Up the Space with Greenery

Leafy houseplants can add a touch of nature and freshen up the entire space. They’re also a great way to introduce a pop of color, especially if you’re working with a largely neutral color scheme. You can position your plants on the floor, on side tables, or even hang them from the ceiling for an extra touch of interest.

Incorporating Designer Touches

To give your living room that extra touch of elegance and professionalism, consider incorporating design elements from popular designers. You could choose a statement piece from Jessica Nelson Design, add an Ashley Montgomery Design rug for a pop of pattern, or bring in a Burchard Design Co. coffee table for a modern industrial touch.


From identifying your design styles, selecting complementary pieces, adding soft furnishings, creating a stunning gallery wall, incorporating practical storage, and setting the mood with the right lighting, to adding the final touches, accessorizing your grey sectional living room chair can transform your entire space. By thoughtfully applying these strategies, you create a welcoming, cohesive space that is not just visually appealing but functional too. And remember, accessorizing is a creative process – feel free to express your personality and make the space truly your own. Now, it’s your turn to create an elegant living space you’ll love to come home to!

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What color should my accent pillows be for a grey sectional sofa?

It depends on the look you’re aiming for. White pillows can create a clean, minimalist look, while accent pillows in brighter shades or bold patterns can add a pop of color. Mustard yellow, sage green, or even a brighter shade of gray could all work well.

2: What type of coffee table works best with a grey sectional sofa?

The choice of a coffee table depends on your design style. If you prefer a rustic look, a wood coffee table could be an excellent choice. For a modern aesthetic, consider a metal, glass, or acrylic coffee table.

3: How can I add more seating without overcrowding the space?

Consider adding occasional chairs or 2 x two-seater sofas for extra seating. You could also look at corner sofa beds or grey sleeper sofas, which provide seating during the day and convert into beds for overnight guests.

4: Where should I place my grey sectional Sofa in the living room?

The positioning depends on the size and configuration of your living room. However, one common strategy is to place the Sofa opposite a focal point like a fireplace or TV. For more tips on sofa placement, check out our article on arranging Sofa and chair in the living room.